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Why Titanium?

Why did we select Titanium as the material to make all of our products from?

It is super strong for its weight! It handles extreme temperatures! It won’t corrode! It is non-toxic and biocompatibility! It is super abundant on earth so we won’t ever run out of it! These properties make it ideal for extreme engineering applications like aircraft parts, medical implants, and chemical industry components.

These properties also make it an ideal choice for extreme sport and recreation products.


For the geeks among us:


Titanium is the 22nd element on the periodic table. Its atomic weight is 47.867amu. It is a low density element (4510 kg/m3); approximately 60% less dense than that that of steel. It is nonmagnetic, and transfers heat well. Its melting point (1993 K [3020 degrees F and 1650 degrees C]) is also higher than that of steel. Titanium has high passivity; therefore it exhibits high levels of corrosion resistance to most mineral acids and chlorides. It is also nontoxic and biologically compatible with human tissue and bone, making it an ideal material for medical implant products.

Rutile and ilmenite, the 2 primary minerals which contain titanium, make up 24% of the earth’s crust, thus making titanium the ninth most abundant element on the planet. However, it occurs in nature only in chemical combinations; the most common of which are oxygen and iron. [1]



[1] Supra Alloys