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About our Logo

What is

Our mission is to provide the most innovative, light, tough, and nearly indestructible equipment, tools, and gadgets, for the most active outdoor and sporting lifestyles. All of our products are made from Titanium which has a better strength to weight ratio than Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel. Go to the top of our homepage and create an account to keep informed of new products as we build our site. Poke around our site and check out our current products and categories. Feel free to make suggestions for new products and improvements to the site.

What’s in a name?

Ti – the symbol for Titanium on the periodic table.

Tuff – The old school dictionary defines tuff as a hard volcanic rock. The slang definition is synonymous with tough and the urban dictionary defines it as sharp, cool, and wicked awesome! We think it fits our brand image perfectly. 

nStuff – And Stuff!

Titanium Tuff Stuff – TiTuffnStuff!

(We just thought the name sounded wicked awesome cool!)

Our logo

The Great American Mountain Goat. We chose a Mountain Goat for our logo because they are one of the toughest animals on the planet. They make their home on some of the tallest mountains in some of the most extreme environments found on earth. On snowy, icy, rocky outcrops, the Mountain Goat is light on its feet and tough as nails, just like our brand of titanium products!

Help us name her! Ideally her name is synonymous with our brand and represents her agility, lightness, and toughness in extreme environments or it plays off our company name TiTuffnStuff.  Submit a name suggestion by email at

Help us create a lasting logo for our brand! We like the logo in the header above but, we are not artists and we know we can do better! We are asking for help in creating our revised logo. It should still represent the mountain goat (who we hope will soon have a name) but it does not need to look anything like the logo above. Just like her name, we would like it to represent our brand image. Tough, light, nimble, and capable in the most extreme environments. It should look awesome on hats, T’s, and other swag too! Everyone is encouraged to submit an updated logo idea to even if you are not an artist! It can be a description, sketch, photo, etc… Once we have the perfect concept we will call on our artist friends and family to help create the final logo.

Thank you all for your support!